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About us

In 2004, while pregnant with my second child, I went online to research baby carriers. I had a carrier with my first baby, but it was so uncomfortable that I rarely used it. I looked all over town for other options, only to find more of the same type of carrier that did not work for me the first time. So, I turned to the internet. This is where I discovered the more traditional baby carriers and the benefits of babywearing.


I could not believe how content my little one was in her sling! My ring sling made that first year with baby so much easier. I thought my sling was the best thing since sliced bread and couldn't figure why I had never seen another parent using one. Well, back in 2005 babywearing was not so mainstream and you couldn't buy anything like this at the local 'super center'. So, that's when I decided to open Baby Carriers-n-More and share the babywearing love with other parents!


Since babywearing has become more mainstream and you can now find wraps, ring slings, mei tais and soft structured carriers all over the internet and in the big box retailers, we really appreciate your support and hope you shop with us.  Please let me know if there is anything we can do to earn your business!


Thank you!